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SSS Facility Services

Mosquito Management & Control Services

With so many diseases spreading everywhere, it has become essential to kill the mosquitoes and stop the mosquito breeding as soon as possible. To get professional help for controlling the mosquitoes, come directly to us. At SSS Facility Services, we are engaged in offering dependable mosquito management and control services to the clients across Pune (Maharashtra, India). We make use of different types of innovative mosquito control methods to manage and control the mosquito breeding at a space. So, feel free to contact us anytime.


Mosquitoes – Types / Species

  • Anopheles spp. – prefers clean water
  • Culex spp.- breeds in sewage / dirty water
  • Aedes spp. – breeds in artificial containers
  • Mansonia spp.-  water with hyacinths

Control Measures

  • Prevention of breeding
  • Source Reduction
  • Larvicidal Treatment
  • Biological control
  • Screening- wire / nylon mesh
  • Residual spraying and Fogging
  • Personal Protection

Mosquito control:

  • Larvicidal Treatment: against larvae (the grass root) breeding in stagnant water. Treatment in storm water drains and stagnated ponds (without fish) on a weekly basis during active season & on a fortnightly basis during lean season using a WHO approved larvicide’s.
  • Adulticides Treatment: Wall to wall treatment of corridors externally using a who approved Pyrethroids on a monthly basis or need basis in order to arrest infestation internally. Adult mosquitoes perish when in touch with the resting ground, the walls.
  • Foliar sprays: Spraying herbal extract below foliage surrounding public areas in order to repel mosquitoes from their resting ground. Carried out on a need basis in the evening
  • Fogging: Using a thermal fogging medium and machine and approved insecticide, Fogging is carried out externally around buildings at dusk on a daily basis. Safety gear including masks and gloves are worn before operating on the machine concerned.

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